Thanks to the Ladies that come to class!

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Thanks to the Ladies that come to class! Empty Thanks to the Ladies that come to class!

Post  Antonio on September 22nd 2009, 1:08 pm

Thinking about skipping class? Well think about're out with your girls! Partying at the local night spot and I guy you've seen in your salsa class asks you dance and you accept. However this guy is used to dancing with guys and air because there are very few ladies in his class. His grip is too strong, his timing is off, your arms feel like they are going to be ripped out of their sockets as you go through pattern after pattern. Why? Because there's not enough ladies in class.

Bored you say?! Feel like there's nothing for you to do but be there for the guy? This worked for me (following with ladies of course) The leader may have your hand or hands, but does he have your hips? shoulders? Are there spots where nothing is being lead? These are all spots I have seen ladies put individual flair into their dance! I've seen moves from belly dancing to hip-hop and ballet!

Thank you to all you ladies that come to class and go through the repetitive patterns with us leaders. Just know that this leader couldn't progress from the guy that constantly steps on your freshly manicured toes, to the guy that only sometimes steps on your freshly manicured toes. (Eventually I'll get to rarely stepping on your freshly manicured toes.) cheers

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Thanks to the Ladies that come to class! Empty Thanks

Post  abeja on September 22nd 2009, 6:41 pm

Ha ha ha....good point. I agree with you that it's our duty as ladies to be the guinea pigs for the guys to learn and get better the meantime have a blast doing it. I love getting to dance with different people, learning as I go how to handle even the times when the lead is a little rough, and it is still fun and neat to see the guys get better and better..

Fair warning though....when you guys get real good...don't become snobs and forget to take the ladies, whose toes you've stepped on during classes, onto the dancefloor to let them enjoy the fruit of their labor........ha ha ha.....


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